Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Mentalist

The Mentalist
Episode 9: Black Cherry
By: Carlos Uribe

The Mentalist is a show about Patrick Jane, a consultant for the cops who solves crimes while seeking revenge for his family.

Spoilers Ahoy!

There is very little development in the Red John case this week. All Jane does is write the names of everyone he has ever met in the hopes that it can lead him to figure out who the serial killer is. Most of the episode is largely focused on a weekly case that frankly wasn't very interesting. An African American who had recently started his life over is found dead on a gulf course. The primary suspects is the gang that he used to belong to but they merely stole his car. Who were the real killers? It was three of his co-workers at the real estate company. The four had accidentally shot and killed a hunter during a recent weekend retreat. The victim was filled with guilt and he decided that he was going to confess to the police. His three co-workers didn't want the possibility of going to jail so they all killed him. Their scheme is uncovered by Jane and the case is solved. The episode also has a small arc when the sister of the victim shoots an unregistered gun and Jane tries his best to get the charges dropped against her for breaking the law because it's the right thing to do. Lisbon is convinced and she gets the district attorney to agree. There's a tiny development where Cho accepts the part-time gig of leading a special raiding force for the gang division. It doesn't interfere with his responsibilities for the show and it might lead to a romantic relationship with the person in charge of the raid.

The episode was competent and entertaining enough. It's pretty much an average episode of the Mentalist. There's very little advance in the Red John arc while Cho's new job arc only takes up a couple of scenes. The weekly case might not have grabbed me but it still held together the episode decently. The one major complaint I have is that the kid actor really isn't that good. That shouldn't come as a surprise but it took me out of the episode a few times because his poor acting was distracting. Overall, I've got to say that this episode simply wasn't anything out of the ordinary and it's easily forgettable.

Other Notes:

After seriously thinking about it, there will be a new policy for The Mentalist episodes. If it's just a regular episode that doesn't advance the plot or reveal anything new about the characters then it will get a mini-review. This means that there may be a couple of mini-reviews in a row.

Jane doesn't put Lisbon down in his book because he considers her to be a friend. Awww.

Summer apparently comes back in the next episode. I am not looking forward to her presence.

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