Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Falling Skies

Falling Skies
Episode 8: Death March
By: Carlos Uribe

Falling Skies is a show about the human resistance against an alien invasion force-months after they wiped out most of humanity.

Spoilers Ahoy!

This episode of Falling Skies follows the Second Mass as they head to Charlestown. They make it to the city by the end of the episode, only to discover that most of it is in debris. As they consider heading back they discover that Charlestown is the new capitol of the United States but that it's hidden somehow. This was an episode that was about reaching the destination that the characters have been traveling towards. It took this journey to reveal that Maggie used to be a drug addict and she had spent some time in jail. This seemed to shake up her relationship with Hal, but he seems to have come to terms with this new information right before the episode ends. There's also a kid who has been harnessed who appears in this episode, and that might turn out to be relevant since the kid discovers that the Second Mass believes that there's something at Charlestown. It could also be an irrelevant plot that was merely added to fill time. That depends on the next few episodes of the series. This was an episode that was relatively dull, merely an episode that had the characters arriving at Charlestown and little else.

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  1. I agree that the episode was boring, and the season is going in a similar direction of last season, with more traveling. Perhaps now things will heat up more now that there are only a few left before the season ends. I have a feeling next year will be the last though because the ratings keep slipping. I didn’t even realize when Falling Skies started this season, so I had to catch up on episodes on Dish Online. It’s convenient to use my laptop when I’m in the airport, or my hotel room when I’m on a work trip for my employer, Dish and I don’t have to find time at home to watch on my DVR.


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