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666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue
Episode 10: The Comfort of Death
By: Carlos Uribe

666 Park Avenue is about the resident managers of a supernatural apartment.

Spoilers Ahoy!

Hi 666 Park Avenue fans! It's been a long time but ABC has finally decided to air the last four episodes of this supernatural drama about an apartment where a lot of weird things happen. Do you remember what happened in the last episode that aired in the beginning of December? There was something about Whoopi Goldberg turning into birds, Jane time traveling, and Henry running for mayor. The series also had some weird magical love triangle that gets slightly complicated this week. I have to admit that it's a bit weird coming back to this show after so long. The funny thing about coming back to a show after a long hiatus is that it's not exactly like riding a bicycle but very close. You might not remember every detail which can affect your understanding of the plot. It took me a while to remember that the press manager for Henry was also Gavin's daughter. There were a few times where I had to think about what happened in the previous episode although it was never so bad that I had to actually look it up. The details might be a bit murky but it's also easy to get back into the groove of the show. It's like you never really stopped watching. The characters and the tone are just as familiar. It's really easy to get back into the show's universe despite needing refreshers on it. This might be why it's easy for audiences to come back to a show between seasons: time might have passed, plot details might have been forgotten, some characters were erased from your memory but it's easy to become engrossed in a familiar series. If you were a fan in the fall and are wondering if you should come back then there's nothing really stopping you. The series still suffers the same problems, it hasn't gotten any better, and there's more talk about the ideas rather than exploring them. It's the same show. It's just airing on Saturdays in the middle of the summer.

The big plot of the night has to go to Jane. She continues to investigate the Drake now that she knows she has time traveled. Her cop friend is still helping her out although he did seem disappointed when she told him there was no chance of the two of them happening. She discovers this really old guy that had participated in the Drake ritual. He's 117 years old. This is treated like something that's impossible but it's hard to swallow it as such when the current oldest person on Earth lived for 122 years. It's rare but not completely unheard of for someone to live for 117 years. He's stuck to machines but he can give her a message that she has to set free that chick they killed from the Drake hotel. The only way to do that is to open the door to the heart of the Drake. Jane is able to do that in her dreams when she touches a mirror. The old guy becomes really young and it's hilarious because he's literally like a guy ripped from the twenties and put in the modern age. It doesn't look like he belongs, he's wearing a suit that badly clashes with the modern-day setting. It felt like he was an animated person even though he wasn't. I love the logic behind this: he wakes up, he's magically given his clothes from a bygone era, and he talks like they used to in the twenties. He's lived for 117 years! He surely must have some modern attire and have learned modern dialect. It's not like he just came back from the dead. Weird logic aside, I'm not sure what this means for our characters or the show's universe. Oh, that's because we still don't know what kind of magic this show is about. It's noteworthy that this is the second episode to end on twisted logic and an awesomely ridiculous plot twist. Whoopi Goldberg turns into birds? Okay! Old guy becomes his old self? Okay! I kind-of can't wait to see what the next episode is going to bring.

The mayor's election plot is picked up as scandal hits the city council member that Henry is supposed to replace. The city council member blames Henry for the leak and ruining his family. He promises to fight. Henry, having nothing to do with the leak and having integrity, quickly figures out Gavin is behind the leak. He thinks about backing out because he doesn't like the circumstances surrounding the beginning of his political career. He's convinced to stick with it thanks to Gavin and his daughter. He's now going to enter the race. I generally like political stories so I don't have a big problem with where this story is going. It makes sense to give Henry some last-minute doubt about entering the race as well having him lose some of his naivete. This doesn't make it any more interesting to actually watch. I have no idea where the show is going with this but hopefully it'll have some actual insight into the New York City electoral system. While this is going on, Gavin is trying to integrate his daughter back into Olivia's life. The relationship between the three is strained due to the events of how she disappeared. Pretending to be dead does that. I'm not terribly interested to see the daughter repair her relationship with Olivia because I don't have much reason to care and it doesn't seem to be tied with the actual narrative. Olivia might be Gavin's wife but her role in the actual universe seems to be very minimal. It's a lot more interesting to see the daughter and Gavin start to work together despite their trust issues. That at least promises to be relevant. This was a week where Henry entered the race and the daughter came back to live with her parents but it was more set-up for the next couple of weeks than anything else. Which meant it wasn't as interesting.

The love triangle gets a new complication this week. Alexis and Brian are now sleeping together so that he can write a play. He's having success in his writing career as it's getting picked up by a producer. Louise is finding success herself as she gets a meeting with an editor for Vogue. The bad news is that Alexis is still under orders to undermine their relationship. Why? We don't know what Gavin wants. I don't remember if we learned why Alexis was following in an earlier episode but it's because she was in an accident and wanted to walk again. She would do anything to be able to walk again and now she's finding out what anything can mean. She feels conflicted about it until she learns that Louise was the one who had run her over. The editors or the writers didn't think we were clever enough to figure this out on her own so they flashed back to Gavin's conversation with Alexis as Louise talked about the accident. Thanks for insulting my intelligence, show! This new reveal certainly adds a new layer to the whole plot as Alexis might stop feeling so guilty about this whole love triangle and start acting in revenge. It's still perplexing on why Gavin wants to break the two up but that's because we don't even know what he's supposed to be. The show continues to hold the definition of it's universe up it's sleeves.

The Comfort of Death picks up where Hypnos left off. Henry has decided to run for mayor, Jane has made an old man into his young, twenties self, and the love triangle gets a new complication. We can't forget about Gavin's daughter getting back into the lives of her parents. We get some plot developments. This is acting as a mini-premiere as a sort and it didn't really kick the narrative momentum into gear. It's building up to something but I don't even know if we're going to get that. Will the last episode pay off, will it end in a cliff-hanger about to pay off, or will it be just an ordinary episode like the fall finale? I don't know...but hopefully we do get some answers to the questions we remember.

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