Monday, May 6, 2013

New Girl

New Girl
Episode 23: Virgins
By: Carlos Uribe

New Girl is a show about Jess and her three best friends (Winston, Nick, and Schmidt)

Spoilers Ahoy!


Do I need to say more?

Virgins ends with Nick and Jess finally having sex. It's the moment we've all been waiting for after weeks building up to it. They finally had sex. All of that sexual tension had been killing me and I can die a happy man now. Finally. It's a great way to end Virgins. It's an episode that begins with them not having had sex. The group share their embarrassing stories about how they lost their virginity. The flashbacks are all funny but the stories are all about sex. It's specifically about the first time that they've had sex. The episode ends with Jess going to meet the person she lost her virginity to when Nick decides to follow his dead father's advice and seize the moment. He stops thinking, grabs her at the elevator, and takes her into her room. The two have sex for the first time. The two had a good time but then they started to think about it. When Jess says “Ruh roh” we know that this sexual act is only going to complicate their relationship status even more. The two had decided on just being friends and yet they keep getting attracted towards each other. I don't know what's going to happen but I do know that Virgins was a fantastic episode with a great ending that finally gives me what I wanted to happen. Finally. I know I'm concentrating on the ending but this is an episode that was funny from beginning to end.

The three flashback stories we get are from the different characters. In fact, the only story we don't get to see is when Nick lost his virginity out in the woods. He was crying but he liked it. It's an interesting decision that his was the story that we got verbatim. As for Jess? She gave a really long story. It all begins on prom night when she's with her perfect idea of a date. A man who will ask her for permission before kissing her or taking her clothes of. Someone who respected her but she quickly finds that what she wants may not be what she needs. She may want a sensitive guy but she wanted someone who would rip her clothes off. A manly guy. She goes out into the hallway and she does meet a guitar player who would have no problems giving her what she needs. Only he gets scared away. We then move forward to when she first moved to the city. She happens to meet the guitar player at a bar and the two decide to sleep together at one of those kid's castles. The small ones in playgrounds. The two have difficulties as the guitar's player's antidepressants makes it difficult for him to get excited and then the two get stuck. The fire department is called and Jess ends up sleeping with a fireman. She considers this shameful but is shocked to learn when it isn't. It's just like Jess to have a story that requires a prologue and involves murder. That's right: a hobo gets killed from a nearby bench. The situation is silly, outrageous, and just so Jess. As for Cece? On prom night, she happens to meet Mick Jaeger and the two sleep together. The two believe they have the worst stories of the group but they quickly find that they are not on top.

The Schmidt story is definably great due to the physical comedy. He loses his virginity to his girlfriend in junior year of high school. There's a few great moments before he tries to sleep with her: he buys a lot of lube, he pretends his high school nickname as the Sex Hammer, and he seeks advice from Nick. When the night comes, Schmidt ends up applying too much lube that he falls down from the bed. Nick was supposed to go to a Dave Mathews concert but he found himself stuck in his room due to the hallucinogenic mushrooms he took. The two try their best to navigate the room. Schmidt to get back on the bed to have sex and Nick to get the hell out of there. The physical comedy was simply some of the best that this show has done. Fat Schmidt, Nick with his younger self look, and the amount of lube simply had me laughing out loud. The music in the background (“Anything Could Happen”) simply added to the comedy. It is a hilarious story. It does have a happy ending when Schmidt goes to sleep with his girlfriend at the end. He's lost a lot of weight but she is willing to use his sex box. The two seem like they might be happy with each other.

The worst story has to go with Winston but only Nick knows the truth. Nick's dad took the two of them to a business trip in the city. Why? Who knows but the two were enjoying themselves when Nick's dad brings prostitutes for the two of them. Nick figures out pretty quickly that the two are being paid for their services but he's to scared to actually sleep with one of them. He's afraid that the FBI will storm in because he thinks too much. That's when his dad tells him that the best things in life are the ones you don't think about. It's with this advice in mind that Nick is able to achieve his desire to sleep with Jess. Winston is able to seal the deal but he thinks it's his game that did it. He's devastated when Nick finally admits that the two girls were prostitutes. It's a bit dumb that he didn't figure it out by now but I could see why he would be in denial about it. It was his first time and he thought it was his charm that allowed him to lose his virginity. Admitting that he would have lost it regardless would just be crushing to his ego. When he's forced to accept that they're prostitutes, he doesn't take the news very well. He does get to sleep with Daisy only he has difficulty performing under pressure so he has to watch TV while doing it. The only character who doesn't get into any action at the end is Cece as she decides to wait until marriage.

Virgins is simply fantastic. Nick and Jess sleep together but the build-up worked great. Cece sleeping with Mick Jaeger was great. Jess telling the super-long version of her story made sense for the character. Fat Schmidt provided the biggest laughs of the night as did his liberal use of lube. Winston's prostitute story was simply great as well as it merged his naivete and self-esteem well. Overall, Virgins was a great flashback episode. And now we get to deal with the consequences of Nick and Jess sleeping together. This should be fun.

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