Monday, April 29, 2013

Schedule (6/26-07/13): July 4th

Here's the current plan:

So as you can see I'm still like two weeks behind and because I'm tired after my's unlikely I'll get any reviews up before the weekend.

So what I'm going to is simple:

For all the new shows (Endeavor, Siberia, The Bridge, Camp) and The Goodwin Games: Post that review over the weekend for the first episode only (or the last episode for the Goodwin Games).
For Falling Skies, 666 Park Avenue, Under the Dome, The Fosters: I'll post the reviews for BOTH episodes (last week and this week) together.

This should allow me to catch up over the weekend completely.

I apologize for this but it's just been a hard two weeks to dedicate to this blog: last week I had limited internet access and the July 4th holiday and this week I had to go back to my internship. I basically have seen all the episodes (from last week) but that took up my Monday and Tuesday which is why I didn't get to the reviews for most of them.

UPDATE: July 14th: The good news is I managed to get through quite a bit of the reviews. The bad news? Not all of them. On Monday I shall try my best to finish catching up with: the pilot for Endeavor, the two episodes of Under the Dome, the two episodes of The Fosters, the pilot of The Bridge, and the pilot of Camp.

UPDATE: July 15th: So I spent my free time pretty much watching Endeavour,  Under the Dome, The Bridge, and Camp. The reviews will be posted Tuesday for sure.

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