Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

I normally don't do this but I would like to relay that my prayers and thoughts are with the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was a terrible tragedy that happened within a mile of where I live. I might have been fine and luckily nobody I know was near the area but it still feels like an attack on my home. May the people who did this be caught and persecuted as terrorists and traitors to this great country. 

It might have been an attack but Boston and the United States will be strong. We will show that the terrorists have not won  by doing everything in our power to show them that will will not be intimidated. The perpetrators were hoping to weaken us but for every tragedy there is an inspirational story that should restore our faith in humanity that this attack served to undermine. This was a bad day for Boston and for this country but we have shown that while we may be divided by politics, we are still united as a people.

Today I am shocked as a human being, saddened as a person, and angry as a patriot. But most of all I am proud of this country and how the people have generally responded. Whether it was the cops who leaped over the barricades to help the victims, the nurses at the hospitals, the blood donors who stepped up to the plate, or the marathon runners that went back to help or who actually went to the hospitals to get help-it is a sign of American resilience and that we are a good and caring people. This attack might have taken people from us but it will never take our spirit and resolve.

The Boston Marathon bombing will go down as a dark day in the history of the United States. The good news is that the sun will rise again...and the flag will still be there.

Thank God for America-the nation that I love.

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