Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Mentalist

The Mentalist
Episode 18: Behind the Red Curtain
By: Carlos Uribe

The Mentalist is a show about Patrick Jane, a consultant for the cops who solves crimes while seeking revenge for his family.

Spoilers Ahoy!

This week we travel into the world of theater when an actress falls down from a hotel room and dies. She was killed by the producer of the show when she discovered that he had been pretending to be a wealthy investor in order to get people to invest in the show. She didn't want to be a part of the lie so he murdered her to keep it a secret. There were many twists and turns before we got there but it was a fun case because of how Jane kept using the production to get the evidence he needs. He'll sit in on rehearsals and use the songs of cast to determine the likelihood that they're behind the deaths. His solution involves use LaRoche to pretend to be the imaginary wealthy investor in order to fool the producer into revealing himself. The case had it's moments but I was a bit unsatisfied with the motive. I understand that he was committing fraud and it was wrong but really felt too arbitrary to really have any impact. The weekly case might have had a disappointing resolution but the journey was fun to make this a good episode. It's not the case that's going to be what fans remember. It's going to be the Red John development.

The Department of Homeland Security Agent was introduced in the flashback episode as he had been tracking the CBI's investigation into Red John for years. He recently made himself known for whatever reason and it was heavily implied that he's with Red John. This episode all but confirms it. The guy that Lorelai shot wakes up from his coma near the end of the episode. The agent doesn't wait long but he kills this Red John accomplice so that he doesn't have to spend lifetime in jail nor will there be any danger of Red John's identity being revealed. The bad news is that nobody saw him doing it. The good news is that Simon Baker, and probably the nurse, suspects that he's behind the murder. Behind the Red Curtain had a pretty good weekly case but it moved the narrative forward with the Red John case. We're no closer to finding out any answers but we can only pray that this agent will actually pan out to actually move forward the whole plot along. Behind the Red Curtain is overall a good episode-it just needs to have worked a bit on figuring out how to make the motive have the emotional impact that it should have had.

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