Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Good Wife

The Good Wife
Episode 7: Anatomy of a Joke
By: Carlos Uribe

The Good Wife is a show about Alicia Florrick and her career and scandalous personal life.

Spoilers Ahoy!

In this episode of the Good Wife, Alicia and Cary defend a comedian who has no self-control and exposes her breasts on broadcast television. The network is suing her for two million dollars but is willing to drop the suit if the FCC doesn't fine. The entire episode is spent on trying to get the FCC to rule in their favor but they manage to dismiss the suit regardless. The weekly case was fine although Christina Ricci wasn't the best choice for the comedian. It simply felt a little bit like she was forcing the spontenaous quality that the character is supposed to have and it came across more like she was just twitchy all the time. The weekly case was a way to finally give Cary something to do when he runs into his father at the capitol. His father is a lobbyist but he's not very close to Cary. The only reason the father even attempts at re-establishing relations with his son is because he needs a recommendation letter from Diane Lockhart. Cary is annoyed that his father just seeks to use him and refuses which permanently ends their relationship. The entire season had been largely been giving nothing for Cary to do and this episode tries to make up for it by making him deal with his father and trying to force some chemistry with the commedian. It all came up as very messy instead of the coherent episode this show is usually able to deliver.

There is also some drama that comes within the law firm. The drama is all about Clarke wanting to see their law firm to the opposing lawyer. That is until the partners are able to make the firm unappealing to the lawyer and the negiations are killed. This angers Clarke and he decides that he's going to take the firm away from these two partners. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, Clarke is great when he's working with the law firm. On the other hand, the story has been building up to this point and I can't wait to see what happens next. That's not the only intrigue drama in this episode as Eli discovers that Maddie was behind Indira Starr this entire time. This is because of a whole plot about Indira claiming that Peter has a birth mark of Brazil on his penis. Talking about Peter, Alicia convinces him to give a job to the military captain from last week. It's nice to see Alicia gaining a new friend in the captain. I think I covered everything. As you can see, this episode was simply packed with plot. It was a good and entertaining episode but it was a little bit too busy to ensure that everything worked properly.

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