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Episode 5: Hate 2 Love
By: Carlos Uribe

90210 is a show about wealthy kids who do business and go to college in the zip. Or something.

Spoilers Ahoy!

Let's look at Annie's love history. She was involved in a relationship with Ethan. This put her in a love triangl with Naomi. After Ethan left the show at the end of the first season, she gets involved with what used to this show's bad boy, Liam. They break up when Liam decided that instead of going to college he's going to go fishing. She dated his half-brother Charlie before cheating on him with Liam. She also dated the nephew of the man she killed. This newphew, Jasper, turned out to be a huge creep who tries to kill himself when she breaks up with him. She became a prostitute when she was in an open relationship with Patrick where he paid for sex. She proceeded to defrock a priest. This is all to state that Annie's choices in boys haven't been the best. She now has a new love interests in both Riley and Colin. Riley is a jerk in a wheelchair but he seems to genuinely care for her. The person she's actually dating is Colin and he's largely using Annie to get to Naomi's cell phone so that he could hack Max's company. It turns out that super nice guy is not so nice after all. This love triangle has now become less about Annie and more about Max. The relationship between the two was never compelling stuff on it's own and connecting with Naomi's entire arc helps to make it actually interesting. That the relationship couldn't stand on it's own speaks about how much it lacked chemistry but adding this component gave it the necessary hook for viewers.

The question becomes if Naomi realixes that it was Colin who hacked the company through her phone. She had been trying to take down Alec by revealing evidence of his plots to Alec. She tried to sneak into his office only to fail at hiding from him. This is because Alec had hacked Naomi's phone so that he can track her through GPS. Colin is able to figure this out and he's able to reverse hack Naomi into Alec's e-mail. What he didn't tell Naomi is that in the process, he also hacked into the company's secure servers. Naomi finds out from the e-mails she reads that Alec had actually pushed Naomi into planning Madison's wedding. Naomi decides that Alec had tried to break up the wedding and tries her best to get Madison to tell Max this information. Madison never gets the chance and when Naomi decides to just tell Max herself, Max finds out that they've been hacked. The plot is mostly the same we've been getting from the last few weeks: Naomi plots and Alec remains a step ahead. This hacking helps to add a fresh wrench into their plotting. How will they react to this? Will the two continue to fight? Will this hacking finally bring them together? This plot was starting to become repetitive but the show managed to find a way to ensure that things will stay fresh.

Adrianna and Dixon are heading towards splitsville. Adrianna doesn't know why Dixon and her haven't been able to connect over the last few episodes. Dixon has been distant and the two haven't had sex since the accident. She voices her frustrations to Annie. Annie finds out from Riley that Dixon's parts should work properly and any relationship problems they are having exist from before the accident. Adrianna isn't happy when Annie relays this news to her. This is something that any viewer should have known. Adrianna was pretty much over Dixon when he got hit by the car. She had slept with Taylor. Dixon had put his career on top of their relationship and that had seriously eroded Adrianna's feelings for him. The accident had temporarily hidden away the problems but they're becoming more and more evident as time passes. Dixon puts his career over Adrianna in one of the scenes. Adrianna is starting to realize that the reason they haven't been able to connect like before is because her feelings for him have changed and vice versa. She sleeps with Taylor while Dixon is performing is a clear sign that Dixon is losing the girl he loves. It's difficult to believe that he actually loves her when he's only interested in her when he doesn't have to do his job. The crash might have temporarily resurrected their dead relationship but it's still a dead one.

Liam continues to try and impress the college professor. Why care about her when she doesn't take him seriously? He wants to prove himself? Nope: he wants to sleep with her. That is such a predictable place for the show to go but Liam and the professor slept together. Since Liam is a celebrity, someone recorded it and Navid got his hands on the video. I actually don't think this devlepment is any good because the plot until that point was more about Liam trying to show the world that he's serious about buisness. That he's a person whose capable and intelligent. That was the whole point of the previous episode. This entire episode seems to go in that direction. He decides to drop the business plan but hires the professor as a lawyer to force her to read his business plan. He ensures that she goes to the night club and actually reviews the business plan. This plot is about him earning the respect of the professor but all he earned was getting inside her pants. It's not like sleeping with her was a surprise or anything since it was evident the show was pushing them together. I was hoping I was wrong because it doesn't fit the show's theme. This wasn't supposed to be about sex but self-worth. Now it has become about the sex.

90210 continues it's streak of delivering episodes that aren't completely terrible. The only plot that truly flops is the Liam and the college professor one. Annie's relationship with Colin is made interesting because he's a criminal whose threatening Max's company. This threat helps to add a layer to the Naomi plot with Alec. Adrianna and Dixon might be predictably breaking up but the journey there has been surprisingly executed well. Hate 2 Love might be annoying me with the 2 in the title, but it's a sign that 90210 is finally learning how to be a competent and consistently entertaining soap.

Other Notes:

Also, Silver continues to strip and Navid is jealous when she starts being friends with Liam because he naturally assumes that they're back together.

Dixon is also have some health problem he's avoiding.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Alec had hired Colin to hack into his own company to frame Naomi.

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