Monday, November 21, 2011

The Good Wife

The Good Wife
Episode 9: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
By: Carlos Uribe

The Good Wife is a show about a lawyer who goes into law after a scandal rocks her world.

Spoilers Ahoy!

One of my most favorite episodes from season 2 is the second episode “Double Jeapordy.” It was the first time the show took the regular formula and seriously twisted it around (to my memory). It was set in military court, and ever since that episode I've been hoping the Good Wife would come back to the idea. This episode came back to the military court, as Alicia and Will are asked to defend a woman soldier from killing innocent civilians in a drone attack. The case was moderately interesting, but it had an amazing finale, where the soldier is actually found guilty and the judge tells Alicia that justice was indeed served. While last episode handled the whole military process way better, it was still entertaining to watch.

Eli's client, the dairy people, is trying to lobby Washington D.C. to change the food diagram so that it at least features cheese. He keeps getting outsmarted by some lady, who first pretends to be on his side before revealing her true colors. This is followed by him trying to get a sensible plan and trying to beat her, but in the end he doesn't succeed. He loses the diary people as a client to the lady, and he is sad. It looks like the storyline is going to carry over to the next episode, though, and I'm excited to see how this plays out.

The Gardner investigation story is getting more interesting as it gets along. The office believes that Will Gardner is using his basketball games to introduce judges to bookies, and when the judge loses too much money to the bookie, the judge will give a favorable verdict to the bookie's friends. The charge is more than likely false, but they bring in Wendy Scott Carr as special persecutor. This episode made serious strides in that storyline, and every moment it got more serious. Diana also tells Will to stop sleeping with Alicia, because it's wrong and simply not smart. She believes the investigation exists because of the affair, and she might just be right.

The episode also featured some really good development along the home front. Alicia finds out that the Jackie was trying to snoop on her computer thanks to her webcam recording. This causes her to change the locks and completely kick Jackie out of the apartment. Jackie tries to hurt Alicia, even telling on the kids. Alicia manages to remain calm until Jackie is out of her point of view, where Alicia looks briefly hurt before she makes a decision. She decides that the best way to ensure Jackie stops picking up the kids is to buy Zach a car. Zach's reaction to realizing he is getting a car was seriously priceless, although sadly we don't see them car shopping.

The Good Wife delivered an extremely solid episode. For the first time in a long while, it felt like the Good Wife was actually going somewhere this season. It seems like the show has decided to stop stalling. The pieces are starting to finally start moving, and hopefully the show will build on this momentum. While I still liked “Double Jeopardy” better, this episode came pretty close to it. Also the cold open was perfectly edited and really got my attention and interest.

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